SIRG New Zealand

New Zealand’s Snow and Ice Research Group (SIRG) is an association of researchers interested in cryospheric observations and processes.

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Tasman Glacier, New Zealand.
Tasman Glacier, New Zealand.

The 2021 New Zealand Snow and Ice Research Group meeting was held in Christchurch at the University of Canterbury.

Photo kindly provided by Ruschle Dadic

The meeting was held in cooperation with the New Zealand Antarctic Science Conference on the 11th and 12th February, with a field trip on the 13th.

Thanks to Heather (UC), Gemma (UC), Drew (NIWA) and Wolfgang (UC) and Antarctica NZ for the organisation.

The best student presentations were awarded to Nariefa Abrahim (from Otago University) and Joanna Borzecki (from University of Victoria, Wellington).

The “people’s choice” award went to both Rasool Porhemmat (University of Canterbury) and Shelley McDonell (Centre for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones, Chile).

SIRG 2021 Programme.

Jamey Stutz compiled a virtual overview of the field trip, available here.

Details for the 2022 meeting will be provided as they come to hand.

Programs from previous meetings are available here.

SIRG forms the New Zealand branch of the IGS_logoInternational Glaciological Society. IGS core values.

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