SIRG New Zealand

New Zealand’s Snow and Ice Research Group (SIRG) is an association of researchers interested in cryospheric observations and processes.

To join the group please use the contact form

Tasman Glacier, New Zealand.

Tasman Glacier, New Zealand.

The 2021 New Zealand Snow and Ice Research Group meeting is to be held in Christchurch at the University of Canterbury.

It is being held in cooperation with the New Zealand Antarctic Science Conference

The preliminary timetable is:

Tuesday 9 February
Afternoon: Antarctica New Zealand Workshops
Evening: Icebreaker and Public Event

Wednesday 10 February
All day: Antarctica New Zealand Conference
Evening: Conference Dinner

Thursday 11 February
All Day: Antarctica New Zealand Conference
Afternoon: SIRG Workshop
Evening: SIRG Dinner/ Event

Friday 12 February
All Day: SIRG– Mountain Glacier workshop
Evening: SIRG Dinner/ Event

Saturday 13 February
All Day: Field trip to look at glacial history

SIRG forms the New Zealand branch of the IGS_logoInternational Glaciological Society. IGS core values.

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