Past annual meetings

The 2020 meeting was held on Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour, 3rd – 5th February.

Abstracts/proceedings from the 2020 meeting are available here

The “Two best student Presentations” were awarded to Maren Richter from the University of Otago for her presentation “Not straight (forward). Where is the bottom of the sea ice?“, and to Florence Isaacs, from Victoria University of Wellington, for her talk “ENSO modulates summer and autumn sea ice variability in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica“. Maren won a year’s subscription to the New Zealand Alpine Club. Florence won a gift voucher to Bivouac Outdoors.

Honourable mention was given to Usama Farooq from Canterbury University for “Satellite based wind-driven sea ice drift analysis“, Samuel Walker, from the University of Otago for “Frazil dynamics: Modelling small floating sea ice crystals“, and to Rilee Thomas from the University of Otago for “Water chemistry and ice mechanics“. They won assorted clothing from Icebreaker.

The meeting was generously supported by:

Proceedings from previous meetings

2019 Kurow

2016 Arrowtown

2015 Cass

2014 Aoraki Mt Cook

2013 Dunedin

2012 Twizel

2011 Fox Glacier

2010 Queenstown

2009 Albert Town

2008 Cass

2007 Ruapehu

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