May 2022 Brian Anderson and Heather Purdie were interviewed as part of a TV1 “Sunday” documentary about the retreat of the Te Moeka o Tuawe Fox and Kā Roimata ō Hine Hukatere Franz Josef Glaciers. Brian’s time-lapse videos of the Franz Josef were also shown.

March 2022 Andrew Lorrey and Gregor Macara from NIWA together with Lauren Vargo from University of Victoria were quoted in a article about New Zealand’s glaciers and the end of summer snowline glacier survey. The article highlighted Andrew Lorrey’s quote that “In a decade…we predict that many important glaciers will be gone…”.

April 2021 Lauren Vargo featured in an article from that described the finding of Romain Hugonnet and colleagues (as published in Nature) that New Zealand glaciers melt about 1.5 m per year, and that the annual melt is increasing.

June 2020 – University of Canterbury Science Radio has prepared a podcast featuring Heather Purdie’s glacier research.

September 2019 – The New Zealand Listener (and made available online on featured an article on New Zealand glaciers with quotes from Lauren Vargo, Drew Lorrey, Andrew Macintosh, Heather Purdie and Warren Chinn among others in this wide-ranging article.

August 2019 – Lauren Vargo and Drew Lorrey provided a New Zealand perspective to on the death of glaciers highlighted by a recent “funeral” held for an Icelandic glacier.

April 2019 – A New Zealand Herald article quoted Jim Salinger over his recently published findings describing the a loss of a third of New Zealand’s glacier ice since 1977.

April 2019 – A number of New Zealand media picked up on a recently published report from the World Glacier Monitoring Service that highlighted the reduction of glaciers in New Zealand. The Newshub version</a somehow managed to quote the late Trevor Chinn as part of the article as well as Drew Lorrey. A video produced by NIWA to describe the end-of-summer snowline survey also featured

March 2019 – This year’s NIWA-funded end-of-summer-snowline survey featured in the New Zealand Herald with Drew Lorrey quoted as describing the glaciers as looking “sad and dirty”

February 2019 – BBC picked up on a calving event at the Tasman Glacier and Heather Purdie was quoted as explaining how the event fit into the climate-change context

December 2018 – New Zealand Herald reported on the presentation by Jim Salinger at the joint NZ Hydrological and Meteorological Society’s Conference in Christchurch. The presentation described a record 9 % glacier ice volume loss as a result of the exceptionally warm 2017-18 summer.

October 2018 – Masters research of Angus Dowson with supervision by Pascal Sirguey and Nicolas Cullen was featured in an article published on The article described Angus’s application of remote sensing to estimate mass balance of the glaciers in the Gardens of Eden and Allah region.

May 2018 – Radio New Zealand quoted Trevor Chinn and Andrew Lorrey in describing the shrinkage of the glaciers observed during the end of summer snowline survey, attributing the effect to the hot summer.

March 2018 – NIWA and Victoria University of Wellington issued a press release describing anticipated findings of the annual glacier snowline flight and the research of Lauren Vargo . ran the story.

February 2018 – Dr Brian Anderson was interviewed on RNZ National by Kathryn Ryan discussing his life and his glacial research, specifically his time-lapse imagery.

January 2018 – Dr Pascal Sirguey and Dr Nicolas Cullen feature in and describing the melt conditions this year in January being similar to last year in March for the Gardens of Eden and Allah regions of the Southern Alps.

September 2017 – Dr Pascal Sirguey’s satellite image analysis featured in the New Zealand Herald and the American Geophysical Union’s The Landslide Blog. Pascal, in association with  Dr Simon Cox found evidence of instability of the bedrock where Murchison Hut sits in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. The image analysis showed the movement of the hut over recent years and the delineation of large recent fractures in the rock surrounding the, now closed, hut.

February 2017 – Several media outlets (Radio New Zealand’s Our Changing World, Otago Daily Times, Stuff, NZ Herald, UPI picked up on the new research published by Associate Professor Andrew Macintosh and friends in Nature Communications which provides new modeling evidence to support the idea that glacier advances observed in NZ glaciers through the 1990’s was driven by local depression of temperature rather than increased precipitation.

January 2017 – Dr Brian Anderson and his time lapse photography featured on the TVNZ Channel 1 television programme “Wild New Zealand”.

August 2016 – The recent “Sustainable Summits” conference at Mt Cook, run by the NZ Alpine Club led to several media articles regarding glaciers, quoting Brain Anderson of Victoria University of Wellington. Articles were published by the Otago Daily Times and The Press

July 2016 – The recently published article by Emma Stewart from Lincoln University and colleagues in the journal Tourism Geographies about the relationship between tourism and glacier change at Fox and Franz Josef was picked up by  with a blog post, and referenced in a Newstalk ZB interview with Sven Tveitdal, a freelance Norwegian climate consultant.

July 2016 – Brian Anderson (Victoria University of Wellington) and Andrew Lorrie (NIWA) are quoted in the  about the recent retreat of the Franz Josef Glacier by NZ Media Entertainment agencies NZ Herald and NewstalkZB

March 2016 – Heather Purdie (University of Canterbury) and Julian Thompson (GNS) featured on the first episode of the television documentary “Beneath New Zealand” on Prime TV on Monday the 8th. Featured as experts on glaciers and mountain geology they provided authoritative commentary in describing the Southern Alps, and in Heather’s case, some of her research. With luck it will be available in a store near you soon.

October 2015 – Andrew Macintosh from the University of Victoria was quoted on Radio New Zealand about the unprecedented retreat of New Zealand glaciers and the likely contribution of humans to that retreat. The quote follows the release of “Environment Aotearoa 2015” a state of the environment report prepared by the Ministry for the Environment and Statistics New Zealand which reports a NIWA-sourced estimate of a 36 % decline in glacier volume between 1978 and 2014. The on-line version of the Radio New Zealand article includes a timelapse video created by Brain Anderson of the Fox Glacier showing the retreat of the glacier front from January 2014 to January 2015

October 2015 – Glacier errosion rates established from Franz Josef Glacier studies were a feature of a GNS press release following publication in Science (the cover story!) of a paper by Frédéric Herman and others including Simon Cox of GNS. The press release was picked up by Radio New Zealand, ABC Online, Globalpost and NZ Herald

August 2015 – Global reduction in glacier volume is reported in following publication in the Journal of Glaciology of a paper by Zemp and others about recent unprecedented glacial decline. Brian Anderson is quoted providing a local perspective.

January 2015 – Brian Anderson is quoted in a New York Times article about the effect of glacier retreat on tourism in New Zealand.

September 2014 – Nick Golledge features in a Victoria University of Wellington press release about Antarctic Peninsula glacier response to climate change

August 2014 – Heather Purdie and Trevor Chinn are quoted in a Fox News article about the lack of snow this ski season in New Zealand

July 2014 – Jim Salinger, Blair Fitzharris and Trevor Chinn feature in an article about Southern Alps ice loss published online at The Conversation

May 2014 – Alison Kohout features in global media about how storm waves break up sea ice over larger distances than previously thought

May 2014 – Heather Purdie features in an article in The Press about glacier retreat and tourism

May 2014 – Brian Anderson features in the TV3 news about the Franz Josef Glacier

January 2014 – Nicolas Cullen features in an Otago University press release about field confirming the research of Sebastion Vivero and Pascal Sirguey which described a new, lower height for Aoraki/Mt Cook

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